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Tranceplayer Interviews | Catching up with BastiQ, Netherlands

Tranceplayer Interviews | Catching up with BastiQ, Netherlands EOT as featured Saturdays on Tranceplayer Digital FM & First-Person Media Player Bastiq MIXCLOUD

We will be casting on the TPLYR Ecosystem the prerelease to BastiQ's weekly series, Energy of Trance as well as the monthly livestream. Have fun!


Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of?

That will be the tracks I am working on at this moment and my Energy of Trance studio.

What's the biggest misconception about DJing?

I don't know what misconceptions you mean.

What I can say is that I love spinning and seeing people having a great time. Combined with producing tracks, is for me the perfect combination.

How would you describe your style?

Energy and melody.

Building up to a climax and then even further.

What type of music do you usually DJ?

Progressive, Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance, Psytrance, Tech trance and Future Rave

Further for Live events and residency House/Dance and Popular styles.

Analog or digital and why?

Digital. It has more possibilities of playing with the music like loops and using hot cues

Easier to get music and to take with you.

What do you like most about DJing?

Being one with the music and giving the crowd a good time!

And seeing how people respond to my music.

How long have you been DJing?

I started DJ-ing when I was 9 years. My first public performance was in a theater about two months later. Now I’m 17, so almost half my life I’m DJ-ing.

What's your typical work process?

Making a big playlist with tracks that I expect will fit that stage/location and that audience.

At the moment I get on stage behind my decks, I decide which track I'm starting with. I look at the audience and let the music flow.

Tell us about your studio setup.

I think you mean my Energy of Trance radio studio?

There is a special made EoT Table with a DJ part and radio part.

If you look from the side, you can see the letter E, that's the DJ part. The o is the sub and the T is the radio part. Besides the peripherals, for DJing I use Pioneer, KRK speakers, an Airlite radio mixer and SMB7B microphones. Every 5th show is a live stream that can be seen via So, check it out.

Can you share one DJ tip?

When you start Djing make sure you master the basics first. Then play around with the options and put in the hours. The most important thing is that you have fun doing it!

What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

There are a lot of great DJs and producers who do have something that inspires me.

That can be in any style of music.


Hi Trance Family, listen to "Energy of Trance", hosted by BastiQ. Radio show #EOTrance is loaded with trance music. - BastiQ

Energy of Trance: BastiQ Official:


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Exist in Sound
Exist in Sound
Oct 31, 2022

Thank you so much BastiQ for taking the time to say what's up. We are fortunate to broadcast the EOT series. Congrats on everything to you and Max!

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