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Skill Tree 

8X Top 100 / Trance & Electronica

4X Top 10 / Trance

Mixcloud Top 100 / Trance

103.7 KaneFM Guildford UK Feat. Artist

Classically trained by R. Pellicani (NJ)

First Person Media Player (FPMP) System.

Digital Concert Space (DCS).

Host: TranceSide Chats, Exist Radio.


The Label
ompetitive New Releases & tracks for the trance community. 

Developers & DJ/Label

Hit me up anytime. Social or via my site contact form.

TrancePlayer Welcome (PDF)


Apply to Perform at Tranceplayer

Independent Trance or Electronica
acts interested in either utilizing Tranceplayer or adding your music to the playlist kindly fill out the form to your right and I'll be in touch.

Additional Services I offer

Soundtrack & Gaming Audio

Mobile, PC, Console

Crafting trance & electronica

Test, QA, & Debug support

agile/waterfall development methodology

Audio GameDev PDF Brochure


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