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Tranceplayer Ep 86 | Upcoming Releases & Best in Trance


Tranceplayer Episode 86 | New & Unreleased Trance

Tranceplayer Episode 86 | Upcoming Releases & Favorites

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About Dubby:

"A healthy alternative to energy boosting for music, sports, study, or gaming." - Reza

OUT SOON: Physical Phase - Horn

The label boss Physical Phase is here again with his new tune called 'Horn'.

Release date: April 25th exclusive on Beatport - May 9th in all stores

OUT SOON: Otherworldly Resonance - Mirymood

Release date: April 15th exclusive on Beatport - April 29th in all stores

OUT SOON: Euphoria Above The Clouds

Release date: May 2nd exclusive on Beatport - May 16th in all stores

OUT SOON: Syrens - Main Engine

DROPS 4.19.24 in all stores

OUT SOON: Rise Again - Alexander Popov, Simon & Phil

OUT 4.19.24 in all stores


1 Lonely In Love (Extended Mix) - Christina Novelli, Armage

2 Horn - Physical Phase

3 Aztec (Extended Mix) - Milad E, David Deere

4 Ghosts Of The Past (Leff Extended Remix) - Seegy, Kaimei, Leff

5 I Want You To Stay (Toneback Extended Mix) - Adam Sommer - Toneback Extended Mix

6 Otherworldly Resonance - Mirymood

7 Regulus (Original Mix) - Tasadi

8 TRUE (Extended Mix) - WhiteLight, Eximinds - Extended Mix

9 Euphoria Above The Clouds (Extended Mix) - Ric Aires - Extended Mix

10 Immersion (Extended Mix) - Simply Drew, DJoy

11 Orenda (Extended Mix) - Ferry Corsten, Gouryella

12 Shoganai (Extended Mix) - DIM3NSION, DJ Nano

13 Unikum (Extended Mix) - Allan Berndtz

14 Syrens (Extended Mix) - Main Engine - Extended Mix

15 Sky Dive (Extended Mix) - Katrik, Dan Lir

16 Rise Again (Extended Mix) - Alexander Popov, Simon & Phil - Extended Mix

17 Elixir - Exist in Sound - Original Mix

18 Cosmic Crashers - Exist in Sound Feat. Nakhiya - Nakhiya Remix

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