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Tranceplayer | Energy of Trance #184 with BastiQ

Energy of Trance #184 | BastiQ | 03.16.22 13:00 PST | 22:00 GMT+1 Tranceplayer Digital FM & First-Person Media Player

We will be casting on the TPLYR Ecosystem the prerelease to BastiQ's weekly series, Energy of Trance as well as the monthly livestream. Have fun! - Reza / Team Exist


Hi Trance Family, listen to "Energy of Trance", hosted by BastiQ. Radio show #EOTrance is loaded with trance music. - BastiQ

Energy of Trance: BastiQ Official:

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Exist in Sound
Exist in Sound
17 mars 2022

Playing tracks #184

(1) BastiQ - Energy of Trance Intro

(2) GRUENHEIDE - Big Fish (Extended Mix) [Be Yourself]

(3) Alex Daf - Back To Life (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]

(4) We Are Loud feat. Katie DiCicco - On The Run (Ferry Corsten Extended Remix) [Flashover Recordings]

(5) Giuseppe Ottaviani - The Wind in Your Face (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]

(6) Dennis Sheperd, Freak E Beatz - Break The Ice (Extended Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]

(7) Monocule, LAMAS (BR) - Your Eyes (Extended Mix) [Protocol Recordings]

(8) Redfield - Guidance (Extended Mix) [Ultra Music]

(9) Jardin - Awakening (Extended Mix) [Perfecto]

(10) Dirkie Coetzee - Sizavuka (Extended Mix) [Magic Island Records]

(11) Dave Neven - Inception (Extended Mix)…

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