How do I hire Exist in Sound for my Game/Project?

"Spotify introduced a creative platform called SoundBetter. Here musicians may be sourced for games, edits, and your projects."
  • Getting in touch for your Game or Media project is easy.

  • Coordinate it all with my SoundBetter profile.

  • Or, directly off my Contact Page.

Verified Testimonials:

"Exist in Sound is the real deal! The tracks and sound effects created for my game Last Bot brought it to life exactly like I had imagined. Not only were my custom tracks delivered quickly, but any changes I wanted were turned around within a day. It's hard to find people this easy to work with and who share your passion for your project.

If you are looking for professionalism, quality, and fast turnaround then Exist in Sound is a great choice. I'll be using them for all future games!" - Last Bot Team

"The amazing music and audio by Exist in Sound transformed this game and really made it amazing. The trance track fits perfectly with the game's aesthetic and tone. The audio effects are a pleasing compliment to the music; he took the care of making the sound effects match the key of the music, which really makes the game pop. The quality of the main theme is superb, and it took my game to a new level." - Revolve Ping Pong Team

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