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Exist in Sound X Leka Studios


I want to take a moment to once again thank the team at Leka Studios for their incredibly talented craftwork developing and producing Tranceplayer.

I approached Leka in 2020 asking for their help in crafting an Unreal Engine based game that I could perform music in for me and my friends.

The result however was far beyond my expectation and it was through their innovative creativity that we found our solutions during development.

As Tranceplayer grows, I won't hesitate to contact the team once again as they have my full trust and support. They have enabled me to move forward in such a crowded space and helped return the amplitude back to my voice. For that and so much more I am forever grateful. - Reza

Learn more about Leka Studios and their upcoming gaming release from their website here.

Leka Studios is a Software & Game development studio located in Sweden specializing in 3D applications.



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