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Apply to perform at Tranceplayer with Exist in Sound

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Are you an independent Trance or Electronica musician? Please consider applying to perform at Tranceplayer with Exist in Sound. No sign up, No cost. Just hit me up. - Reza

What is Tranceplayer by Exist in Sound?

Tranceplayer is a virtual underground, developed with the Unreal Engine.

The purpose of which is to enjoy music from the Exist team as well as showcasing other independent music makers through our in game live stream capabilities.

Click HERE to apply. Be strong! You got this! & download Tranceplayer HERE.


The Player Experience & First Person Media Player (FPMP):

Players who open Exist in Sound find themselves in a digital arena and navigate via a first person perspective. The in game media player is how you the artist will connect with your friends.


Use your socials to keep your friends in the loop about your upcoming show.

All performing acts will also get an Exist in Sound X YOU collaboration tee/hoodie to help garner up support from your listeners. Gear will be on our Redbubble page. Genre & Style:

All Trance & Electronica genre accepted.

Original performances only please.

Click HERE to apply. Be strong! You got this! 💯


About Me (Reza/Exist in Sound)

  • Independent Trance & Electronica music maker 💯

  • Host of the Tranceplayer DCS

  • Host of Exist Radio & TranceSide Chats

  • Origin: New York City | Currently: Southern California


In game screenshots: Exist in Sound Digital Concert Space (DCS)


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All companies mentioned are not affiliated with Exist in Sound.

(Exist in Sound) uses Unreal Engine. Unreal is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. Unreal Engine, Copyright 1998, 2021, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.

2021 Exist in Sound & logos are protected trademarks.


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