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Tranceplayer™ X RESIDNT DJs

RESIDENT DJs / Meet the flight crew

Tranceplayer™ is fortunate to have the support of a group of very special and talented DJs from around the globe. 🌍 Each member are musicians and producers as well. Each day a different DJ from our residency will be featured in our 24/7 Twitch Livestream which features the actual Tranceplayer™ as it would be used by you, the performer or listener. In addition, the team may occasionally plug in and play live to both the Twitch Stream and an audio only 24/7 Tranceplayer Radio.

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DJ Amanda Darling / Axion / USA

+ International Charting Artist & DJ + Resume includes EDC, Avalon Los Angeles, & more + Inspiration, teacher, and friend to Team Exist

K9 / Platforma / Azerbaijan

+ Progressive House/Techno/Electronica + Charting DJ Series: "Progressives" + Original electronica Artist

LayShade / Scotland

+ Progressive & House Artist & DJ + Massive Social Support + Original Music (BandCamp): A master of bass and groove

Q-Lee / Sound Territory / Poland

+ Host of the hugely successful Sound Territory Series. + Years of incredible liquid DNB.

Exist in Sound™ / USA

+ Secretary of the Department of Tranceplayer™ + Charting Independent Artist & DJ

+ Disciple of Amanda. Go Team Axion!


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