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Tranceplayer™ X RESIDNT DJs

RESIDENT DJs / Meet the flight crew

Tranceplayer™ is fortunate to have the support of a group of very special and talented DJs from around the globe. 🌍 Each member are musicians and producers as well. Each day a different DJ from our residency will be featured in our 24/7 Twitch Livestream which features the actual Tranceplayer™ as it would be used by you, the performer or listener. In addition, the team may occasionally plug in and play live to both the Twitch Stream and an audio only 24/7 Tranceplayer Radio.

Tranceplayer™: Main Room Now Playing


DJ Amanda Darling / Axion / USA

+ International Charting Artist & DJ + Resume includes EDC, Avalon Los Angeles, & more + Inspiration, teacher, and friend to Team Exist

K9 / Platforma / Azerbaijan

+ Progressive House/Techno/Electronica + Charting DJ Series: "Progressives" + Original electronica Artist

LayShade / Scotland

+ Progressive & House Artist & DJ + Massive Social Support + Original Music (BandCamp): A master of bass and groove

Q-Lee / Sound Territory / Poland

+ Host of the hugely successful Sound Territory Series. + Years of incredible liquid DNB.

Exist in Sound™ / USA

+ Secretary of the Department of Tranceplayer™ + Charting Independent Artist & DJ

+ Disciple of Amanda. Go Team Axion!


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Exist in Sound
Exist in Sound
Jul 30, 2021

Special guest mixes happen too! Sunday we will introduce the first Tranceplayer guest contributor! Tranceplayer grows.


Exist in Sound
Exist in Sound
Jul 27, 2021

I really do love this! So stoked!!!!! Let's dance!🙏🙇‍♂️

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