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Tranceplayer Team welcomes JADE | South Africa

Tranceplayer RESIDENT DJ Team Lead

Jade | Progressive | Technogressive

Bringing her eclectic mix of sounds, from South Africa, Deep tech, Progressive house and Techno, gives Jade a versatility that is suited to intimate venues and festival slots alike. Since entering the studio in 2011, her music production journey began,a self-taught pianist ,since early childhood, was a big influence.

As her knowledge of music and determination evolved over the years, it was in 2017 that she found herself behind the decks, combining knowledge and pure passion of the art, expressing her purest reflection of who she is.

Jade has recently started adding live instruments to her mixes ,either by adding a harmony, a synth or a bassline. In the end, personal creativity is the limit for what you can do, it's endless.

Guilds & Stamps

Former DJ radio host on MuthaFM(The Beat Cartel)

Extensive Collective (JADE202)



Night Owl productions,

Pure Deep Sounds

Deep House Nation Records

Stomp Nation

Truth In Dance

Dirty Tavern Project


Burning Man( Press Play)

Let There be Techno

Vibration Station

Deep City Sessions,

Darker Than White pres. Monday Morning Drive

GOMF pres. Deeper Departures

Elektrona Rekords(Argentina)

GrowthLight Events


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