Tranceplayer Resident DJ | March 2022

Tranceplayer Schedule & RESIDENT DJ March 2022

All DJ new releases are 10:30PM PST | 06:30 GMT unless otherwise noted below! Thanks! Mayren | Tuesdays 10:30AM PST | 06:30 GMT JADE | Fridays 9:00AM PST | 19:00 GMT+2

BastiQ | Fridays 1:00PM PST | 20:00 GMT+1



Mon: Amanda Darling

Tue: Mayren

Wed: Q-Lee

Thu: Mayren

Fri: JADE | bastiQ

Sat: Amanda Darling | Guest Mixes

Sun: LayShade | Exist in Sound

Label of the day MAR 22

Mon: Ministry of Sound

Tue: SubCulture

Wed: Blackhole Recordings


Fri: FSOE & Exist in Sound

Sat: Anjunabeats

Sun: Nocturnal Knights


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