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The Beatport Top 100 and why it matters

All trance and edm producers use a specific market to source the music they make to DJ's. Enter Beatport; The online store that killed off record shops globally. Beatport is used by the staff and DJ's we listened to over the years and this continues well into 2020.

The Charts

There are multiple data points being captured by Beatport and they produce daily and weekly sales and performance charts for all music. By securing good spots in these charts during a debut an artist gains credibility among the DJ community. This is not to say charting is a requirement but rather to be used as a means of illustrating quality assurance!

Where Exist in Sound stands as of 2020

Above: Data Points provided by bpttracker

"Beatport charts are like Champions League. Do well when you are playing and competing."
Charting signals to potential clients that as an artist and technician I am tested tried and true and ready to apply my skill set to your game soundtrack.

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