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"Radio Airplay was an early competitor in digital radio.

What they offered however was a way for music makers and listeners to connect globally. There was advanced reporting that told us right down to the city where people were digging music. And this how I was convinced that trance was global.

What is different now and then is there is a little less time spent on each artist by listeners then there used to be. But it's a fast paced world and that is okay! So, I wanted to keep these comments left on my artist page here as a way of remembering the kind, funny, and cool people who spent some time with my tunes. Below are some of the messages that I still get stoked over.

"Keep up the good work." – Astral Projection

"Love it!" - Johan, Sweden

"Genial!!!" - Yweerts, USA

“I love this Song very much!!” - Sahilpreet, India

"Super buen beat!” - Danido666, Ecuador

"Brilliant" - Danielle, USA

“cewl whooshing” – Loana, South America

“<3 lovely” - Skydancer121, USA

“You guys are great!” - RoblesChristine90, USA

“nice!!!! very dancable.” - Joyneufeld, USA

“escuchen el estilo…musica relax.” - Elvis, South America

“wei!” - Shih-Min, China

“It makes me think about somebody running in a deep forest chased by something not shown.” - Tony, USA

"I’m existing in sound!" - TipToe25

"Two thumbs up!" - Alex T., Philippines

"Very different! :)" - Sabrina B., Canada

"Nice Song." - Razvan, Romania

"Reza the great.” - palcau.ioan, Romania

"Guess your live sets must be powerful…” - Gogimu, France

“Your music is very substantial! You have a the weathering of a fine wine, friend. Thanks." - Darkest Angel, Ukraine
“Great track. Come on over and play in Ireland sometime!” - kiliankelly, Ireland

“Love the song man, keep up the solid art. ”- FireSickle, USA

“Very nice.” - Hermes, Romania

“Good build up, then it made me want to go to the club but it’s only 9:30 in da mornin. It has a Sasha and Tiesto vibe! I like it! ”

- Can I get a What What, USA

“Very very very nice thank you well be succeed well done." - AMR, Egypt

“Well done, loved it, good luck.” - Sade, Canada

“Niiice soong i juust loooooove it!<3” - Tha Bellalalalahh, Sweden

“Love it.” - Sheppard, New Zealand


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