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Roland JX-305 (It's like an R2 Unit)


"The JX-305 Groovesynth debut was 1998, the height of Classic Trance culture." - Reza

Keep in mind. It's during this era names like Twilo NYC & GateCrasher UK were household names and considered by clubbers as near holy ground.

The JX was made for dance. It was made for parties. Underground parties for underground people.

I learned everything off this keyboard. Years after losing my 1st JX, I found one of the few still working in USA. All the harder to come by, this is my favorite set of keys.


Below is a small group of songs I programmed and performed live with my JX-305.

Synthesizer Section

Keyboard: 61-key, velocity sensitive

Maximum Polyphony: 64 voices

Number of Multitimbral Parts: 24 (8 main, 16 RPS)

Memory Capacity Patches: Internal 640, User 128

Memory Capacity Rhythm Sets: Internal 28

Memory Capacity Patterns: Internal 268, User 256, RPS 500

System Common Effects: Reverb (2 types), Delay (6 types)

EFX: 24

Sequencer Section

Data Storage: SmartMedia Cards (2MB and 4MB)

Tracks: 8 Tracks (16 MIDI Channels per Track)

Internal Memory: 50,000 notes

External MFD: 220,000 notes (2MB) / 480,000 (4MB)


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