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Piotr Harnas | I Am Trance Guest Mix


Piotr Harnas | I Am Trance Guest Mix Uplifting, Melodic, Vocal 13.12.22 Tranceplayer Digital FM & First-Person Media Player


Hi My Name is Piotr I Love Music and Fun with People... Music and Fun Is Part of Me 🔥

Peace Love and Music 💖🎶 💖



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Exist in Sound
Exist in Sound
Dec 12, 2022

01.Made Of Light - Everything (Extended Mix)[Future Sequence]

02.DJ-Elven & D-Myo - Set Me On Fire (Original Mix)[TranZone Recordings] Release Date 2022-12-02

03.Oskah - Magnificent (Extended Mix)[Reaching Altitude]

04.N-sKing - Light of Peace (Extended Mix)[Ablazing Records]

05.Ralphie B & Frank Waanders - Fata Morgana (Extended Mix)[ZYX TRANCE]

06.HHb - Thunderstorm (Extended Mix)[Tranceformer Uplift]

07.Christina Novelli & BiXX - Putting Out Fires (Extended Mix)[Muse Music Records]

08.Jorza & VIKA - Forever (If I Can) (Evan Pearce Extended Remix)[Reaching Altitude]

09.Speed DJ - Unlock Your Mind (Extended Mix)[Radiation Recordings]

10.Nicola Maddaloni - A Dream Of Peace (Original Mix)[Endlessky Audio]

11.More & More (Yoshi & Razner Extended Remix)[Tidy Two]

12.DJT - Passion (Extended…

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