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Paul Van Dyk X Giuseppe Ottaviani - Far Away (Exist in Sound Rework)

In 2008 Vandit x beatportal held a remix contest for "Far Away" by PVD and Giuseppe Ottaviani. 🏁

Original 2008: Click Here

🎛: Cubase SE, Reason 6

Rework 2021:

🎚: Cubase Elements 11

📽: beeple


Believe Music, WMG, UMG

On behalf of: VANDIT Records

Back then finding individual sounds and being granted permission to use them by our favorite musicians was hard to come by, especially with top class Trance acts. So everyone had to scramble!

I was in college at the time, and remember partying and studying way more then working on my entry. But - I no longer walk that dark side and am here to complete the honor, properly. 😈

Fortunately the entire project was archived and Cubase, the DAW I used at the time still runs 10+ year old project files.

And here is my Rework to my original remix entry. I used no additional sounds or plugins, used only what was already there.

Just a little better.


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