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Mission 01: Tranceplayer (Vision & Statement)

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Music is becoming increasingly difficult to access. The CD & MP3 player were the last of physical media music.

I cannot simply place a CD in a tray and hit play.

I cannot simply place the needle on the vinyl and groove.

I cannot feel music when I need it.

I cannot hear music when I want it.

I will change this.


Why? Because of online connection requirements, subscription based models, and pay to play.

Because music was dominated by social media instead of musicians.

We simply are not being heard. The scene has become pay to play for those who can afford it. After spending a decade in Los Angeles after growing up outside NYC I know I am not one of those people.

Big Data is the DJ and the curator and the controller and arbitrator. And I've had enough.

I will never accept that it is WHO you know over WHAT you got in your heart.


The MISSION STATEMENT of Exist in Sound:

  1. Provide a platform that empowers the truly independent musician.

  2. Remove as much sign up and red tape that prevents music from reaching listeners.

  3. Stop flooding music lovers with excess "content".

  4. Change of heart: A song isn't to be listened to, or DJ with once and discarded. If it is, perhaps it shouldn't of been created in the first place. (See rule 3)

5. Encourage producers to strengthen their piano, instrumentation and general musicianship.


VISION of Exist in Sound & the Tranceplayer

Exist in Sound is a fun Digital Concert Space (DCS) for hearing genuine indie acts in electronica.

There are talented musical acts that do not have the funding for pay to play social media campaigns. We, together, will support our own voices. Inspired by underground venues like CBGB NYC, Exist is a club to drop in and tune out.

Actual bands and musicians.

No Tracks. Just real songs with lots of heart. Bring back the radio.



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