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Spotify Playlist: Mayren Guest Mix | Uplifting Trance Serbia #260

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Mayren Guest Mix | Uplifting Trance Serbia | Trancelestial #260 03.05.22


Playlist & MixCloud embed will be added here after premier. Uplifting & Melodic presented to you from England, UK. See you then! Check in on our discord existinsound#4553.

"In this episode we have a very special guest mix in the 2nd hour by Mayren hailing from the UK. He's self-taught trance DJ who first began mixing in 2020. It came to him naturally and within a short amount of time he was sharing his sets with the world via the Mixcloud platform. Currently he's occupying a residency on the digital station TrancePlayer Radio for Exist in Sound and the FPMP Digital Concert Space. We are glad to have him on board so please enjoy his guest mix!" - Uplifting Trance Serbia



Start with Trancelestial

01. David Broaders - Pink Clouding (DJ Version)

02. Eximinds - At Large Depths

03. FAWZY - Enchanting Colors

04. Tasadi - Sirena

05. Brannco & Stay Box - Your Side (Beatsole Remix)

06. GXD vs. Holbrook & SkyKeeper - Reflection

07. Corti Organ - Move The World

08. Kyau & Albert - Hearts Will Burn

09. The Digital Blonde - Balerika

10. Kiran M Sajeev - Quietude

11. Inrayzex - Holidays

12. IP - Scientist (Trance Atlantic Remix)

Mayren Guest Mix

13. Andrea Mazza - Alone In Your Eyes (Extended Mix)

14. Sunset & Alphasweden - Summer (Original Mix)

15. Yoshi & Razner - Don't Let Me Fall (feat Kate Miles - Extended Mix)

16. Emanuele Congeddu & Danny Rayel - Achelois (Extended Mix)

17. Bogdan Vix & Claudiu Adam - Stardust (Original Mix)

18. Armin Van Buuren pres. Rising Star ft. Cari - The Voice (Extended Mix)

19. Solarstone - Nothing But Chemistry Here (Sean Tyas Remix)

20. Chris Jennings ft. Kym Marsh - Today (Extended Mix)

21. NG Rezonance & Costa Pantazis - The Kaya Identity (Original Mix)

22. Alatheia - Heart Of Europe (Original Mix)

23. Yoshi & Razner - Pegasus (Extended Mix)

24. Paipy - Relax (Extended Mix)

25. XiJaro & Pitch & Corrado Baggieri - Ode To The Fallen (Extended Mix)


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