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Last Bot Theme! Trance needs a great Visual. (Like a video game!)

I used to make mashup videos of Final Fantasy video game clips and put it to my favorite dark industrial metal bands. Today, when I release a song I make a mash up of visuals I think add to the holistic experience of enjoying trance music.

"Causing heightened senses, awareness and ability to communicate deep stories and messages is what makes trance such a powerful tool in story telling." - Reza

The Concept

A progressive and future core influenced trance tune that keeps the player engaged in combating aliens determined to rid you of your turret defense robots! Video visuals by Beeple.

Last Bot Trailer

Game Details

  • Upgrade your weapon load out!

  • Upgrade your bots!

  • Defend your turret against multiple baddies!

  • For iPhone & iPad!

  • Out Summer 2020! Site coming soon too!

  • Part of a series of mobile titles by SaulGood!


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