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Label Release: RHEA by NAKHIYA. 20 JAN 2023


Nakhiya | Label Release: RHEA by NAKHIYA. Drops 20 Jan 2023! DJs Trance | Vocal | Uplifting & Producer

RHEA | Uplifting Vocal | Nakhiya 20 JAN | Tranceplayer Digital FM & First-Person Media Player Stream on all platforms | DL at existinsound, beatport, or Juno UK. LINKTREE:


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20 Jan 2023

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ABOUT RHEA -> Mother Goddess!

Often in the protection of great lions

the wife of Cronus and Mother to 6 including Hades, Zeus and Neptune. She is a water provider and one point resided in Crete, Greece. She wasn't treated well by her husband and represents the power of love, Motherhood, and how far the beautiful Titan went to protecting her children.

-> Source:

📚Handbook of Mythology, Berens, E. M. , 1884

15th release off Exist in Sound, a beautiful EP from NAKHIYA called RHEA, named after the Greek Goddess and daughter of GAIA. Drop date soon!

Thank you Nakhiya for your continued trust and belief in us! - Reza



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