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Interview Series | Prodigal Pete, Johannesburg, SA | Exist in Sound Tranceplayer


Interview Series | Prodigal Pete, Johannesburg, SA | Exist in Sound Tranceplayer Tranceplayer Digital FM & First-Person Media Player


Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of?

No Sense Entertainment is a label we been trying to kick off and grow. Its a idea of giving kids a chance to be a dj or music artist.

So with the help of my brother The Bearded Benster we slowly learning the curve and what it takes to carry out this vision or idea.

What’s the biggest misconception about DJing?

Misconception in dj is being arrogant and making wrong selections of tracks if the selection is wrong then the music don’t flow like it suppose to and it could turn out a very bad night.

How would you describe your style?

To me music means free and tranquillity. Its for the soul to escape so I like to bring the drive and energy into it.

What type of music do you usually DJ?

I do have an open mind to music but I don’t judge but I'm a Minimal Techno simply for the drive and the different sound I like.

Analog or digital and why?

Bit of a tricky question since there so many music gender out the but I would go with both especially since you can produce or just putting tracks together.

What do you like most about DJing?

the freedom, the escape and the inspiration to inspire the people and of cause the girls no doubt.

How long have you been DJing?

I have been in the scene for about 20years but about 3 years now

What’s your typical work process?

well its about the concept and the behaviour and sound of music

Tell us about your studio setup.

Its a small warm Miami vibe with colour light to give a warm cosy feeling. Running on a Roland controller with laptop and 3 monitors for easy viewing.

Can you share one DJ tip?

Be patient, believe and keep the passion.

What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

Gaga, Mateo, Adam Bayer, Nicole Moudaber and so on.


ARTIST BIO “I want to inspire the uninspired’

Peter Britz AKA Prodigal Pete is a South African Minimal Techno DJ, with pure spirit and an ever evolving taste for that dark driving groove .

His signature sound is up-tempo groovy rhythms with hard hitting percussions, and hypnotic atmospheres with a trippy touch that dives deep.

Starting in early 2018, Prodigal Pete has been working towards sculpting a sound that will grip dancefloors with his dark groovy vibes..

Combining sounds that gave him the inspiration on dancefloors for years, this is the musical journey of Prodigal Pete."



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