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Exist in Sound | Progressive Vibes Music Support Mix | 2023 New Releases!

Progressive Vibes Music Support Mix.

Early Access Jan 2023 new releases!

Mixed by Exist in Sound | 🎧🌎


"Thank you to Manu at PVM for hooking us up with inside access to upcoming releases from the label group. We've crafted a support mix with our favorite new tunes and upcoming releases in the new year!"

- Reza


Avwell - Forgiven (Original Mix) 00:00 Jan 05 exclusive on Beatport - Jan 19 in all stores

Wicked BR - Remedy (The EM23 Remix) 06:08 Jan 12 exclusive on Beatport - Jan 26 in all stores

RELO4D - Ode To Joy (Original Mix) 09:59

Vince Blakk - The Lotus Healing (Original Mix) 13:34 Jan 16 exclusive Beatport - Jan 30 all stores

Andreas J - Clarity (Original Mix) 18:10

Todd Sargent - Not Giving Up (Extended Mix) 22:03 Jan 05 exclusive Beatport - Jan 19 all stores

Max Smith - Lost In Eivissa (Extended Mix) 27:18

Erich Thomas - Keep It Going (Extended Mix) 32:50

Room Zero - Layers (Extended Mix) 34:50

Duncan MacPherson - Rabbit Hole (Original Mix) 41:30

Physical Phase - Psych (Extended Mix) 46:00

Low Contrast - Travellers (Original Mix) 50:20

Matt Daver - Defy It All Again (Club Mix) 56:59 Jan 12 exclusive on Beatport - Jan 26 in all stores

All tracks by Progressive Vibes Music ℗ & © 2022, 2023




As heard on our independent streaming platform 🌌Tranceplayer®

First Person Music Player (FPMP)

Digital Concert Space (DCS) & Audio live stream capability

Powered by the Exist API & Unreal Engine

ESRB Rated E for Everyone


Our friends @progressivevibesmusic hooked us up w/ PROMO ACCESS!

NOW PLAYING: upcoming releases in Tranceplayer so you can hear it first!

Weekly DJ mixes now include new drops from the PVM catalog & where to pre save! Shout out to Manu!



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Exist in Sound
Exist in Sound
Jan 14, 2023

WICKED BR -> Remedy hits #2 on the trance charts! MASSIVE shout out!


Exist in Sound
Exist in Sound
Jan 02, 2023


Exist in Sound
Exist in Sound
Dec 29, 2022

More to come!

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