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End 2 End Audio QA testing for your upcoming video game

"I'm from a QA background with a decade of experience."

When I design audio for your game I will then of course test the implementation within the game and verify that the audio performs (as well as the game in general) to your specifications. Adhoc testing is always available after any build. E2E/Regression allows me to better report in to you how the game performs with my soundtrack and FX applied! Use my website form to contact me with questions on how I can bring quality assurance to your video game!


Functional Aspects to your Audio & Game

  1. Menu UI/UX

  2. Game play Features

  3. Textures/Sprites

  4. Movement in game physics

  5. Loading

  6. Audio Implementation

  7. Object based interactions

  8. Unlock/Achievements


Comparability Testing

  1. Mobile Game Audio verification: Android & iOS (mobile & tablet)

  2. PC Game Audio verification: Applets (Browser Testing) and download titles


Compliance Testing

I follow WCAG 2.0 provides guidelines for audio interactions and accessibility progress.


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