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Digital Residency w/ Juan Alamos | Melodic Techno & Deep House


Rosario, Argentina | DJ & Producer


Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of?

Apollo, to be released October 21st!

What's the biggest misconception about DJing?

People think it's easy and it's not that way, they think it's just going from song to song without meaning and it's not like that.

How would you describe your style?

My style that describes me would be the Organic House, with many instruments creating a pleasant melody and drum sounds.

What type of music do you usually DJ?

It depends on the situation or location I have at that moment, if I have to play for 2 hours, I'll take music for 4 hours.

Analog or digital and why?

Either of the two forms, I don't dislike either, on the contrary I love both forms, obviously it depends on the situation that is available at that moment.

What do you like most about DJing?

I love connecting with people and seeing that they enjoy what I offer them, feeling that people dance and enjoy it, that happiness is priceless.

How long have you been DJing?

Approximately 11 years starting as a small hobby today a beautiful job.

What's your typical work process?

I start the morning listening to a bit of Hanz Zimmer to inspire me, playing for a while with the keyboard and synthesizers looking for a sound that catches my attention and from there I start building a nice groove according to the sound I was creating.

Tell us about your studio setup.

My study is in process, I have some Mackie CR5 monitors, Kolt headphones, CASIO CTK-4200 keyboard, Pionner DDJ-Wego, Notebook hp i5 8ram, SSD 480gb.

Can you share one DJ tip?

A piece of advice for DJs, first of all, enjoy it and be yourself doing what you want, not doing what someone else wants. It's usually tiring and you don't enjoy it.

What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

I love listening to Hanz Zimmer, with his entire orchestra creating incredible sounds and atmospheres.

As for the world of Electronica, I listen to artists of different styles such as Above & Beyond, Umek, Hernan Cattaneo, Luciano, Sebastian Busto, Lio Q, Guy J, Ellen Allien, Marcelo Vassami, among others.


Welcoming our label's newest producer DJ Juan Alamos with his debut 3X track EP of melodic techno, including wonderful vocal tracks. Bienvenido a bordo!




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