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Chakra infused Talismans | Exist in Sound

Chakra infused Talismans | Exist in Sound

Chakra infused Talisman charm

Ships free with order of two charms.

Use coupon code: SHIPDISCOUNT2 (limit one time use & per customer)

Please note:

The talisman you receive will be similar to the provided images you see, but each is unique. Specific design names may be requested. If not available, we will find the closest match.


- Homemade novelty gift by the Exist in Sound team.

- Choose your color scheme and healing focus based on the 7 chakras.

- Each charm is infused with chakra energy before sending.

- Infusion performed by a top level 3 practitioner & a family member.

- Customize your energy request for the 7 chakra paths.

- Ready to hang anywhere and provide healing.

- Ships directly from us via USPS. International where available.


- Stainless Steel wire

- Multi color glass, plastic, and charms

Choking Hazard:

- Be mindful that there are small beads, especially for children under 6.

♻ friendly & made by us! 🌍 Global shipping. 📦 Orders fulfilled by Team Exist.

Available now on our item shop page.


Also Available the Exist Team kit 2022


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1 Kommentar

Exist in Sound
Exist in Sound
29. Mai 2022

Again - these are infused by my family, who have been certified as having completed all chakra training. I hope you enjoy these charms as much as we did making them!

Gefällt mir
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