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Tranceplayer® Digital music player


  • Includes game software & digital copy of Tranceside (2021)
  • First Person Media Player (FPMP)

  • Digital Concert Space (DCS)

  • Features Audio live stream capability

  • Rated E for everyone by ESRB

  • Powered by the Exist API & Unreal Engine

  • Developed by Leka Studios, Sweden

  • No subscription of member sign up required

  • Are you a DJ or would you like to have a custom Tranceplayer™? DM for details.


Inspired by the mixtape, once considered a DJ's calling card.

Physical Copies are available, but are rare item drops. Subject to availability.

Tranceplayer® Digital music player

SKU: 13
Excluding Sales Tax
  • I can publish a Tranceplayer™ that points to your livestream radio.
    Then, you can have 5 free digital copies for your friends.
    To get started, send a DM through this site, the contact us form, or any socials.

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