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What does Exist in Sound mean?

"Sometimes I feel like I identify better as a song then a person."

We only have a short time on this planet. And we don't know what happens for sure when the mix ends. And so while we are here we create stories and messages to eventually leave behind.

Often this is through music. A musician will place a part of their soul into their song. And so long as that song plays, is sang, or danced to, then we can be absolutely certain their soul remains.

It's certain. Music is certain. Music is a natural gift containing melody harmony through the joining of sound, all created by nature long before us. We simply are reaching out and catching a glimpse.

So, my music is who I really am. This body of mine is temporary. This soul of mine I can't be sure where it goes, and so I place bits of my soul into my songs so that they may have a chance to carry on just in case we had it all wrong about the encore.



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