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Music...AND quality assurance!?

Pic: High School Computer Lab - I was on the case since 2002! Notice the Final Fantasy 8, Chrono Cross, and blue hair!


"I come from a software quality assurance background. Started with digital media & 5.1 sound. Eventually I went to front end testing software on consumer electronic devices."

Automation via JavaScript, and API testing (common in games) wasn't too far after that.

Your project will require testing. On multiple devices, over the course of multiple builds. Adding audio is a wonderful but delicate process. My experience in managing small teams and projects with QA will be a direct asset to YOUR development! Why? Because i am YOUR dedicated QA!

I will assist everyone I work with not just with their audio solution but should they request it; I will be your QA resource and we can discuss development and deployment timeline strategies to ensure you get that gem to your audience!

Ready to game? Contact me! Discord: existinsound#4553

TLDR; Trance makes video games cooler, but but only when it works right! I am your audio and game tester!


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