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Mission 01 - Make Your Game Magic

"I get a natural high from making my customers and clients happy. Starts in the head, feels like a colorful burst of energy." - Reza

I thrive off of your feedback. Until you say "I love it" then I am on the job!

Music and effects should not be compromised for your video games.

If you have a challenge, I will be your aural remedy!

Focus on your code, and let me handle the noise.

Design to import - this takes time. I'm always on Discord, always ready to help.

Late night build need a test on mobile? Need someone to bounce an audio question to?

I do more than audio production, I am your Audio Software Developer in Test!

Not a fan of loops!

To be competitive in trance and EDM the producer must be original. This means as little usage of preexisting loops as possible. I am very proud to say that I construct my songs entirely, along with automation and sequencing. What you hear is the first time it is being heard in that configuration.

The same applies to the music I provide for your game. The design and inspiration is from my hands on experience with the game itself and the color scheme, and game play are my design guides.


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