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Guest DJ Prodigal Pete, South Africa | Minimal Techno at Exist in Sound Tranceplayer

Updated: Apr 16


Guest SERIES | Prodigal Pete, SA | Exist in Sound Tranceplayer Tranceplayer Digital FM & First-Person Media Player Time: SUNDAY 10AM (LA) 7PM (SA)


“I want to inspire the uninspired"

Peter Britz AKA Prodigal Pete is a South African Minimal Techno DJ, with pure spirit and an ever evolving taste for that dark driving groove .

His signature sound is up-tempo groovy rhythms with hard hitting percussions, and hypnotic atmospheres with a trippy touch that dives deep.

Starting in early 2018, Prodigal Pete has been working towards sculpting a sound that will grip dancefloors with his dark groovy vibes..

Combining sounds that gave him the inspiration on dancefloors for years, this is the musical journey of Prodigal Pete.





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