Exist in Sound MAGAZINE | Vol 1 | Overcome & lead

Exist in Sound MAGAZINE | Vol 1 | Overcome & lead 05.30.22
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My name is Heather, and as someone who has been blind since birth, I have had to overcome several obstacles to get where I am today. One of them was beating the odds of surviving at birth because of being born three months prematurely.

Music has been a big part of my life, and after having the opportunity to meet

big-name DJs like Casey Kasem and Ferry Corsten, I knew being a DJ was what I wanted to do. I initially just wanted to be on the radio when I met Casey,

but after meeting Ferry at his show at the Intervention Pool Party and enjoying

his set, I was instantly hooked and immediately understood the difference

between the interaction you get when being on the radio and attending a performance of your favorite DJ. The thing I absolutely love about going to events

in person, is having a chance to meet people who also love the artist or DJ

you are having a chance to enjoy and getting the opportunity to chat with

them over drinks.

While I grew up listening to all sorts of great music, such as country,

a little bit of 90’s pop music, etc. the thing I absolutely love about trance that sets

it apart from other genres is it’s all about the melody and emotion. And I especially

love how everyone treats each other in the community, which is like a family.

The thing I’ve noticed about other dance music communities, is they’re

more about wanting to compete against each other and making money.

But also, trance is one of those genres that you don’t hear every day on

the radio, which is another thing that makes it unique from others you hear

on a regular basis. One of the biggest misconceptions about it is people will

say if it’s not a certain tempo, such as 140 BPM, it’s not trance. However,

that’s not true because there are many sub genres of it, such as the slower,

calmer vibe you would hear during an opening set. Think of it as if you were

going to walk into a coffee shop to enjoy some nice music while having your snack and drink. Do you want to hear loud, banging music right away? No, you’d want to hear nice,

soft music that’s still upbeat and happy. Then, you have the faster, banging uplifting trance that’d be heard during a closing set and at the end of the night.

I host my own show called “Trance by Touch” on Friday and Saturday nights from

8 to 9 Pacific time on Twitch. Fridays is uplifting bangers, and Saturdays is chillout.

It also airs every week via www.tranceplayer.fm on behalf of Exist in Sound.

One of my goals I’m working on accomplishing is to travel the world and help

break the stigmas towards people like me and others with disabilities. It is

important for me to show that anyone can do anything they set their mind to,

despite their limitations. Which is also why I live by what Casey Kasem always

told his fans at the end of his show. “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. “

If you’d like to know more information about me, please visit my website at www.trancebytouchproductions.com. And please also support Exist in Sound by following them on their socials. Thanks for reading!


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