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Art or Life | Inspired by UK student activists & Just Stop Oil.



+ New Release by Exist in Sound + 5 Track EP + Features a sampled excerpt from their public speech at the National Gallery! + Proceeds from launch week to go to Just Stop Oil's fundraiser. + Out on Streaming & Digital NOW!

Inspired by climate change and the end of systemic government policy as championed by the UK youth.

20.04.23 LONDON ENGLAND Exist in Sound | The story behind the upcoming release Art or Life and the inspiration from Just Stop Oil's own Phoebe Plummer, the 21 student activist currently facing legal challenges in the UK over protests regarding climate change, ending systemic racism and poverty while uplifting marginalized people. Phoebe is part of a large network of organized activists called Just Stop Oil.

img: JSO

To make a contribution to JSO, please see their fundraiser page HERE Main website: LinkTree:


Just Stop Oil MISSION STATEMENT (Taken from their donation page) "The International Energy Agency has stated there should be no new investments in oil, gas or coal supply from 2021 if governments are serious about climate.

Our demand is simple, but it is not a small ask. For a major oil producer such as the UK to voluntarily leave billions of barrels of fossil fuels in the ground will make history. The announcement will send shockwaves around the world and signal the beginning of the end of fossil fuels everywhere.

This new government, in pushing the extraction of new oil and gas in the UK, is committing to a death sentence policy that will kill our children and condemn humanity to oblivion. It just has to stop.

The choice now is a rapid transition to a low energy, low carbon world or social collapse.

We can do this in an orderly manner - creating millions of proper skilled jobs and protecting the rights of workers in sunset industries - or we wait for the unavoidable collapse.

But we need your help to Just Stop Oil.

Join us on the streets or give what you can."


The Day at the National Gallery...

14 OCT 2022 - Just Stop Oil activists Phoebe Plummer & Anna Holland visit the National Gallery in London to protest cost of living crisis facing the young generations as well as the systemic issues that plagued many generations of UK residents.

The climate activists took a can of Heinz tomato soup and threw it at Vincent Van Gogh's £76 million classic painting called "Sunflowers". The painting was undamaged as it was in a protective case and Phoebe gave engaged a speech regarding the need for everyday residents to think about the truly critical issues facing not just England, but of the whole world.


"What is worth more? Art or life? Is it worth more then food?

More then justice?

Are you more concerned

about the protection of a painting or the protection of our planet and people?" - Phoebe Plummer

img: JSO


💿UPCOMING RELEASE: Exist in Sound - Art or Life EP [EIS Records]

Sales proceeds from launch week will go to JSO's ongoing fundraiser.

Taken from Just Stop Oil's donation page: £50 could pay for a young person to travel to a Just Stop Oil event. £100 can buy banners, to send a clear message to Just Stop Oil.



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