Amanda Darling | AXION Los Angeles

Tranceplayer Team Lead | Amanda Darling International DJ, Musician & Visual Artist | Beatport Top #1

Trance | PSY | Progressive | Specialist As featured on Tranceplayer Digital FM & First Person Media



Is she from the future, or from the past? Amanda Darling, The Time Traveling DJ, is a mysterious inter-dimensional space traveler who journeyed to the current age with the sole intent of uniting the world through music.


2022 Schedule



Mondays: Tranceplayer

10-12:30 PM PST Wednesdays: Weekly Axion livestream 8-10 PM PST

Fridays: Loud Creative Radio | UK 12-2PM PST | 8-10PM GMT

Fridays: Illogic Radio | Italy 1-3 PM PST | 10-12AM CEST

Saturdays: Mini Radio | Belgium 8-9AM PST | 5-6PM CEST


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