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Archived: My 1st Vinyl Mix. (2000)


Growing up in the NYC area there were a few underground record stores that supplied all the clubs. The same people helping Johnathan Peters, Junior Vasquez, and Frankie Bones, also helped little me to find the style and sound I liked. Each track in this mix was pure chaos in the club scene. They made their mark introducing me to trance and house.

For example; It closes with the original Ferry remix of Adagio for Strings. Also is Binary Finary, Kay Kee, In Trance We Trust, Push, Bedrock and more.


This is almost 20 years back to this very day, placing me at 15 at the time.

This is the way!


Recorded: 2nd Half / December 2000

Archived: 12/17/2020

(Likely) Studio Setup: Gemini Belt Drive PT Series.

2 Channel Entry Gemini Mixer.

Sound Forge & Sound Blaster PCI card.


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